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  Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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A Letter from Andijan Prison
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Topic: Letter to the Editor

We have received this letter through email. From the text, context and jargon, it appears that the letter has actually been smuggled out of the Andijan prison where the recently sentenced prisoners of Andijan uprising of Uzbekistan are being held although we have no way of verifying the authenticity of the letter. The following is the complete, unedited version of the letter. Ed.

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious

This place, awakening after the morning adhan (prayer call), is not a mosque or a madrassah. This is the Andijan prison, which is rightly prided by its personnel for being at par with Jaslyk and Qorovul-bozor prisons for the torturing the prisoners, for scoring second after prisons where death sentences are executed. Just as the prison did serve the empire of evil in the past, now after the Jewish president Karimov took the power it serves as the scene for humiliation of Islam and execution of Muslims.

The reality of the prison irrefutably proves one fact: hardships experienced by Muslims of Uzbekistan are not limited only to Uzbekistan, as a matter of fact they reflect the prevailing situation concerning the Islamic Ummah in all Central Asian countries, which recently announced their “independence”. Because the Andijan massacre is nothing but only the beginning of “happy life” ordinary Muslims expect from disgusting democracy. The only difference between Andijan and Guantanamo is that the personnel of Guantanamo are not Muslims. But what about personnel of Andijan prison? What kind of people are they? The mere revelation of some means and methods of torture used here shall be enough for brained people to imagine the scope of crime taking place in Andijan.

The Andijan prison is divided into three parts: Mahalla, Bombay, and Samara. Mahalla is production unit, which extensively uses cheap labor for the benefit of prison administration. Bombay is the place where prisoners, whose criminal investigation has not been completed, are kept. Samara is the unit for women and minors, also it is the site where all dirty means and methods of tortures are experimented on the so-called “desperates” (Muslim political prisoners). The implementation of corrupt democracy brought such results that serial killers, political prisoners and cold-blooded criminals are all together “reeducated” at this prison. It is equally hard to both get in here and avoid tortures (the law-enforcement bodies employees do not serve their terms in Andijan, while the spies among prisoners never get tortured).

This is the list of prison administration staff:

Rahmonov Odil - head of prison;
Sultonov Madamin - deputy head of prison;
Ismoilov Bakhtiyor - assistant head of prison for political issues;
Abdullaev Ergash - assistant head of prison for general issues;
Yuldashev Abdufattah - head of operative unit;
Soliev Dolim - chief operative officer;
Hakimov Zuhriddin - chief operative officer of Mahalla unit;
Hasanboev Shokir - head of order maintenance unit;
Rahimov Kamoliddin - operative officer of Mahalla unit;
Arziboev Fozil - head of Samara unit;
Saydullo  - head of sentry;
Muidinov Temurmalik - operative officer of women’s unit;
DPNK’s (assistants of prison head): Avaz, Tohir, Samigh, Sanjar;
Unit heads: Umid, Shuhrat, Mu’min, Dadakhon;
Mirzaboev Abdurasul - head of production unit;
Yaqubov Shokir - operative officer of Mahalla unit;
Mullajonov Dilmurod - head of medical unit;
Aslboev Ma’mur - head of special unit;
Abdurazzaqov Erkin - operative officer;
Tokhtarov Qahramon - operative officer;
Karimov Jamoliddin - censor;
Burhan - head of search unit;
Sodiqov Halim - member of search unit;
Qodir - balandyor (distributor of food).

All these listed persons were among the most faithful puppets of Jewish Karimov before Andijan massacre. Some of them after May 13th were sacrificed as political victims (i.e. charged for crimes), others were fired as the members of Andijan clan, while some others further intensified their oppression in order to justify themselves in the eyes of president administration.

Newly arriving prisoners, before getting their usual “dirty-stinky inmate” status undergo personal examination turned into material plunder, an interview consisting of moral and physical humiliation, torture and beatings. The administration even has its own slogan: “This is Andijan-central. Never forget where you are. You have only one right - that is obeying. Verdict is final; there is no place for appeals”. If a person expresses slightest sign of discontent, he will be “treated” either at the damp camera filled with sewage waters, where the laundry takes 2-3 days to dry, or at the camera featuring agents, spies and torturers backed by prison administration, or at the camera designated for prisoners with HIV or tuberculosis. But if operative officers are not satisfied with this, then they use the procedure of constant movements from one cell to another.

Cooking of food with raw (unheated) oil, insufficient frying of its ingredients to preserve the necessary food weight, humidity in the cells and total absence of heating during winter require that each cell has a kitchen-range or a little electric oven. However, only the agents of administration are allowed to have them, others are not. If officers find such an item during routine search, there will be consequences for the inmates: humiliation, torture, and extraction of money from the wealthy or asking for bribes to cover up the findings.

Ineffable humiliation during morning and evening check-ups is enough for the inmates to be nervous 24 hours a day. To direct complaints to the head of prison, not to mention controlling authorities, is more difficult than to get the audience of Chinese emperor. Countless complaints. 10-15 day hunger strikes (not to mention 5-10 day ones), disemboweling of one’s stomach, swallowing metal rods or spoons, cutting the veins, month-long silent strikes sometimes attract the attention of prison administration, but even these do not guarantee the just settlement of problems. None of the prison employees lags behind Rahmonov in obstructionism. The medical unit serves the agents and spies, not regular prisoners, operative officers, not medical personnel, distribute diet food. Even medical treatment is provided by operative and order maintenance officers such as brutal Eshonturaev Ghofur. Hospital cells are rest-rooms for agents and spies, whereas the real sick inmates are kept in isolation wards. Though the administration has been replaced after May 13 events, the method of the work with inmates did not change. According to the administration: preaching is slandering, request of one’s rights - terrorism, enjoining what is right and prohibiting what is wrong - violation of internal order, charitable actions - crime.

Before we discuss the events of May 13th, we would like to cite some examples of thoughts, words and actions of the above persons.

Sultonov Madamin, deputy head of prison: “There are both legal and illegal ways we can treat prisoners”.

Abdullaev Ergash,  assistant head of prison for general issues: “Only what I say counts! Beware of me”.

Ismoilov Bakhtiyor, assistant head of prison for political issues. When one prisoner said: “Though the president of Kyrgyzstan Akaev did not harm his people, he was forced to leave the country. What will happen to you when Jewish Karimov flees the country?”, he replied: “You all will be shot”.

Yuldashev Abdufattah, head of operative unit: “If I say tally-ho to my people, they will cure you. Thank me for showing a great restraint. And do not hope that days shall continue as they do now, so far we have been showing a restraint. Wait until we do our part”.

Soliev Dolim, chief operative officer: “I am a Red cross for you. If you have got any complaints, submit them to me”.

Hasanboev Shokir, head of order maintenance unit. When a prisoner (Kholmurodov Akrom) he had conflicted with while on duty in Pop region of Namangan province was transferred to Andijan prison, he met him with as follows: “You will either die here or be outraged”. The prisoner could not avoid his harassment even by hanging himself. Where are the complaints he had sent to the controlling prosecutor? Only God and Shokir know this. (When Akram hung himself, his cellmates rushed to save him, and afterwards they all went on a 15-day hunger strike).
Arziboev Fozil (head of Samara unit) together with Saydullo battered underage Elmurod to semi-consciousness because he shouted adhan (prayer-call) and threatened: “If you ever repeat this the punishment will be worse”.

Hakimov Zuhriddin (he is of Arabian descent) says: “What are you talking about? The Jewish governs us even by raping our mothers, so what? Now we have found a real friend. That the US is bastard is now well-known. Now we are not afraid of neither Red cross nor Human rights”. Then threatens those who used to be leaders of criminal groups: “Well, there are famous criminals coming from Russia to Uzbekistan. As soon as they get the strings of power into their hands I personally will tell them that you had joined the brethren (Muslim political prisoners are called so in prisons)”. Also, he offers reward to anyone who beats Zokir (big-bodied, physically fit courageous man, sentenced for religious beliefs).
Muidinov Temurmalik is operative officer working in women’s unit. He can compete with the so-called “Mama Roza”’s (souteneurs) in providing comfortable conditions for agent prisoners willing to fornicate with female prisoners.

Abdurazzaqov Erkin, operative officer working with 159s (159 is the Criminal code article all religious prisoners are charged with). Though now he is fired, his “deeds” outdo those of everybody else. He was a treasury of perverted mistreatment found in all prison personnel. Forcing the prisoners kneel, throwing them down to the floor with hands and legs tied, compelling them to curse themselves, beating them in groups are from his arsenal of methods. However, these things could be expected from anyone mentioned in the above list.

Let’s discuss Qodir (balandyor) separately. This person responsible for distribution of food always gives a short weight from the food of prisoners. He reduces the time of prisoners’ walk. This giant man (almost 2 meter tall) got so scared during shootings of May 13th that he had spent all day hiding somewhere. And now he is a Swarzenegger-like ruffian smashing “akrami”s.

Yuldashev Abdufattah and his subordinates have important and serious objectives to pursue. To achieve the results sought they spend days and nights without a break. Their “GREAT” objective is to keep the brethren from call, to prevent them from enjoining what’s right and prohibiting from what’s wrong, prohibit the faithful from performing their religious rites, to reestablish the old good times of rule by criminal leaders, to suppress the religious atmosphere in prison AND to please their master Jewish Karimov.

Yusupov Bakhodir from Marghilan (this is his current name, its authenticity could not be verified), nicknamed “hafiz”, formerly a personal barber of Qorovul-bozor prison head, a personal tailor of Andijan prison head, currently a favorite of Yuldashev Abdufattah, said the following: “I am an uncompromising arch-enemy of Islam and Muslims, especially of members of Hizbut Tahrir. Though I perform prayers for the sake of appearance, I swore to fight Muslims until my death”. He deems himself to be the expert of lies, slander and treason. He prides himself of having outdone Muidinov Temurmalik for 5,000 sums despite the latter’s creating conditions for him to fornicate with a female prisoner; he claims to have uncovered a large-scale political crime in Andijan prison as though he is the only person to know that Andijan prison has links with San.gorod (medical prison in Tashkent), that Samara and Mahalla units are interconnected through that and this person. And he brags that he can write complaints about this condition to GUIN (state administration of prisons), Internal ministry and Security service and, in turn, to trick them too. Our proof is that after Andijan events he was the first person to appear on TV under a different name to have witnessed the events (of which we are live witnesses) the way his masters had taught him.

Because of his and his colleagues’ misinformation 14 inmates from Mahalla and 13 prisoners from Samara were dispatched to Tashkent prison, 2 inmates were transferred from Mahalla to Samara.

On April 16 in Mahalla, April 19 in the prison as a whole a tough examination had been launched. From 21 to 25 April the process was led by GUIN. At the first stage of examination any printed and written stuff - books, notes, copies of Quran and Hadith books - excluding letters had been confiscated. Even some letters were confiscated. As the examination was approaching its final stage, even belongings needed for the daily life were confiscated. Sometimes the searches were conducted twice a day as if there was secret criminal activity in the cells. The rumors stating that “brethren are responsible for such a state of affairs, to crush them there needs to be a “criminal authority” system reestablished, if there is anyone willing to be the leader we will help him” started to actively circulate among prisoners. Some were seriously affected by this propaganda, some surprised, the majority of prisoners got nervous eve though they would clearly understand these dirty games.

Simultaneously, the court considering reading a final verdict on 23 persons accused of being members of “akrami” announced a break. In fact, only those who possess enlightened mind would see disgusting plots behind these events. The night of May 12 to 13th at around 00:40 the unexpected burst of fire started the Andijan events. During one and a half hour 4 men (prison guards) were killed with precise shootings, all gates and doors of prison were open. The very appearance of “saviors”, the way they held guns, words used and exchange of glances - all clearly revealed them to be from special taskforces. Their major slogan was: “Freedom! Go out! Let’s go to mayor’s office!” On several occasions they would open cell’s door and ask: “Is there anyone from brethren?” Though 4 prison guards inside the prison were killed, no attempts by “saviors” to force inmates out were observed. However, some of their leaders would say: “What on earth has happened to prisoners? Why do not these prisoners want to go out as would gladly have done others?” 540 out of approximately 700 prisoners in all bought this unexpected and temporary freedom and escaped from prison. 160 prisoners (around 60 of them are brethren) did not go outside at all. Only 3 of the brethren went to prison courtyard to warn others not to fall for this trap, and immediately returned. They did not go outside not because they hate freedom, but because they have clearly understood real political and criminal motives behind these events. Even those who escaped did so not in search of freedom, but to breath some fresh air outside of prison’s frowzy climate of intimidation and lawlessness. But, there were cases when some of the prisoners took advantage of several hours of “freedom” and committed crimes, one of them even killed his own son, several overly excited prisoners involuntarily participated in shootings.

Though these events did not seriously affect the day-to-day life of prisoners, they entailed Andijan massacre, large scale persecution, arrests, fear-mongering, and tortures of arrested citizens. Some former puppets written off by the authorities were designated as scapegoats and charged. 4 people were killed in Andijan prison, criminal cases were brought against 5 persons, and 5-10 people were fired. Several cowardly and impudent persons were given a chance to show off and vindicate.

The questions about whereabouts of prison guards at that night, when they occupied every waste hole and mice burrow should be directed to them personally. Because these “heroes” continued their usual rule over “dirty prisoners” as soon as the things have settled.

Pulatov I. was appointed as a new head of Andijan prison, Osarov Shahobiddin as his deputy. Osarov started his term by saying: “I value a single pubic hair of my new subordinates more than a hundred dirty-stinky prisoners like you”. Having brutally beaten one of the brethren for giving 50 grams of tea to his cellmate, he took him for a tour to all cells and showed him as an example, and said: “Watch this, if any one of you gives something to your mates, you will be just like this. I personally will rape you with batons”. Then he proceeded and punished the adhan callers by placing them in isolation wards.

Tokhtarov Qahramon, appointed to lead the order maintenance unit, has dubbed the innocent victims of Andijan massacre - women, children and elderly extremists, and announced he would in cold blood shoot at the people if he was given a gun. When one of the brethren explained him the degree of meanness of these words, he designated a punishment for the brother.

Karimov Jamoliddin, a prison censor, has prohibited to write letters filled with Islamic ideas, and called brethren writing such letters “wahhabi” and “terrorist”. When he was conducting a search of one of the brethren, the following conversation took place:

Jamoliddin: You live like a cattle (hinting at cell’s disorder).

Brother: Well, taking into consideration that you conduct searches twice a day, this is normal. Tell me, by the way, what are you looking for?

J: You have study circles. We look for your books.

B: What you are looking for is stored in our heads.

J: That is why it is necessary to decapitate you.

Truly, unless the disgusting democracy is fully replaced, the rotations of presidents, ministers and heads (of prisons) will yield no benefit.

O Muslims! The situation inside prisons is no different from the situation outside. In addition to leeches such as judges-prosecutors, law enforcement officers sucking the blood of the society, there are new ones - neighborhood vigilantes and elders as well as treacherous imams of mosques, together they all serve their grand master - the enemy of Allah and us - Jewish Karimov. 

These problems have one right solution, that is the reestablishment of rightly guided Caliphate and complete implementation of heavenly shariah laws.

PS. On April 16 of 2005 Muhammadiev Otabek, Omonturdiev Abbos, Oripov Siddiq, and Haydarov Muzaffar were sentenced to additional prison terms ranging from 12 to 16 years, allegedly for conspiring activities. These sentences specify that from 2 to 3.5 years of these terms are to be served in closed (incommunicado) prisons. Before the court has finished considering these cases, the ill-healthed Muhammadiev Otabek died on August 23 (God willing, martyr). Even though we do not know all the details of the treatment he had gotten while he underwent surgery (under surveillance of Andijan department of National security), we know for sure that medical unit of the prison did not do enough to cure him. One of the brethren who stood by Otabek during his last minutes says: “His last movement was extending his hands towards the window of the cell, he smiled as if he was glad to see someone, then he died”. Otabek, whose nickname was “qariyb” was of the orators of Mahalla unit. May God accept his martyrdom. Three of these four brethren (all are from Tashkent) have been previously transferred from UYA 64/47 as the conspirers, even though Andijan prison is a closed prison.

SOURCE: NewsCentralAsia.com