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  Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Rasul Kudayev: A Letter from Airat Vakhitov
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Airat Vakhitov was formerly detained in Guantanamo Bay. He was transferred to Russian custody in 2004 and later released that year.

Dear All!

It is today two months as our brother Rasul Kudayev is held in Nalchik prison.

He has been detained on the 23-rd of October for allegedly taking part in the events in Nalchik on the 13-th of October.

However, inspite of the fact that he is innocent and there are many witnesses of him being at home and bed-ridden on the day of the events, he is being held in appaling conditions and subjected to horrendous torture. There are four beds in the cell with six detainees in it.

His lawyer Komissarova has been taken off the case on the 16-th of November for being honest and professional in raising the questions about Rasul's state of health as he has been seriously tortured. Till now she has not been reinstored on the case. The mother of Rasul has approached several lawyers in the area but they either cannot take the case on the reason of being too outspoken and therefore prohibited by the authorities to take the case or they are scared to take the case of such a "caliber" (as everybody knows that this is a show trial and therefore no laws are being followed apart from the political orders from Kremlin).

The question remains: if as authorities claim in their numerous statements that they have all the evidence against Rasul to convict him, so why there are no charges brought against him yet? Why not reinstore the lawyer on the case?

People of good will should interfere and do not forget that while we are all free and happy celebrating X-Mas and New Year an innocent person is being held in the prison on the Caucauses, wounded, tortured and with no legal representation.

It looks like the Russian authorities wait for the interest of the media to subside and then quietly do their dirty job - convict an innocent person of the crimes he did not commit and disregard the rule of law.

As the West is preparing for the festive season - Rasul is being detained in appalling conditions, suffering from torture for the only fault of his that some time ago he was detained by the USA in Guantanamo and therefore there is a link between international terrorism and events in Nalchik.