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  Sunday, October 23, 2016
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English translation by Cageprisoners


- Do you sleep well? What are you thinking during the night?

- I see horses walk under the Earth.

- Do you talk to them?

- Yes, every night.

- In what language?

- In the one of the ants.

The American psychiatrist with Oriental features who interrogated Lahcen Ikassrien a Moroccan who lived in Madrid during 13 years, in the prison of Guantánamo (Cuba) remained silent for a few seconds, laughed and responded to the prisoner: "I speak the language of the butterflies".

According to Lahcen, that strange man who visited him in Camp Five (one of the centers of internment of alleged Jihadists) where he was locked up for more than three years, only wanted to know "if I had already gone crazy". "And I went along with his game", he says, now seated in an Arab bar in the Madrilenian district of Lavapiés, where he exhibits his war injuries from Afghanistan and the recent absolving sentence of the Audiencia Nacional Court after being extradited by the U.S.A. at the request of judge Balthasar Garzón. The public prosecutor accused him of being a member of al-Qaeda.

They did not talk in the language of the butterflies to Lahcen Ikassrien, 39 years old, from Alhucemas - a dark man, of average stature, strong and corpulent -, neither in Guantánamo nor in Afghanistan. The first session of torture was in the Afghan prison set up at the airport of Kandahar. There he understood that he was on his way to hell when, stunned and scared, he saw the plastic bracelet that a North American soldier attached on his righ